Road Closure

Road closures will operate on 15th December 2018 ONLY, between the hours of 5pm and 9pm. The road closure points will be at the Bowjey Newlyn (Lower Green Street), Raginnis Farm (Top of Raginnis hill) and Paul Lane (By Kings Arms and Paul Church car park). During this time all vehicles are prohibited from entering the road closure with the exception of:

  • Buses
  • Pass holders*
  • Emergency vehicles
  • Authorised vehicles (Including Taxi)


Additional public bus services will be operating on the 15th December 2018 and will operate approximately between the hours of 5pm and 9pm. Authorised Bus stops will be:
Penzance Bus station, St. Anthony's Gardens, Wherrytown (Western Promenade), Newlyn Mission, Newlyn Red Lion and Mousehole.

Free parking on the night of 15th December 2018 will be available at:
Penzance Wharfside Car park, St Anthony's Gardens Car park and Wherrytown (Western Promenade) Car park.
No parking is available within the Road closure area whilst it is in operation.

Please note:
† Buses/Coaches with the exception of the additional authorised service and normal local bus service are prohibited from entering the Road Closure area. Vehicles can drop off passengers before the road closure comes into force, but must vacate the Road closure area immediately - there is no parking or standing available for Buses/Coaches within the road closure area.
* Road closure Passes will be distributed to all properties within the road closure area a few days prior to the 15th December 2018 - ONLY one pass per property will be issued.

Further information can be obtained by contacting the Mousehole Lights Committee via our contacts section of this website or clicking here.

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