About Us


 1963    First Lights put up along Quays funded by Mrs Joan Gillchrest  
 1964   Mousehole Harbour Lights committee formed   
 1967   Bad weather forced switch on into St.Clements Chapel for the first time  
 1972   Lights suffered lots of vandalism. Also lots of damage due to bad weather  
 1973   National Power cuts - Lights not all switched on  
 1974   Pendeen silver band first carolaire service at Mousehole - they still come every year!  
 1977   A commemorative ‘set piece’ for the Queen’s Silver Jubilee put up in the summer.  
 1978   Cross on Quay made with 'Jam Jars' over lamps to protect them from the weather.  
 1979   Father Christmas washed off back of new Quay during Storms  
 1980   Mary Williams our founding Secretary switched on. Mary is the grandmother of our current secretary  
 1981   Penlee Lifeboat Disaster - lights were switched on 18th Dec and off 20th Dec. Switched back on Christmas Eve by request of the families of the Lost Lifeboat Crew  
 1982   The cross moved from Old Quay and placed between the angels  
 1983   Discussion between Electricians of placing an item on St.Clements Isle. Newlyn lights restarted.  
 1984   BBC's Blue Peter Switched on for our 21st Year  
 1985   Largest crowd ever on switch-on night (Estimated 5000 people)  
 1987   Vapour trail added to Santa's sleigh to put some lights into the 'Black spot'  
 1988   Technicians experimenting with low voltage lighting  
 1989   Major Storm night before switch on wrecked the harbour displays. Merry Christmas double wired for Happy New Year. Whale made - original design came from a fridge magnet!  
 1990   Our 'Mouse' Logo was designed and made in lights external domestic low voltage lights  
 1991   The 'Welcome' sign was made and put over the road entering the village  
 1992   Donation of money from the sale of the old Football Club building set-up an 'Emergency Fund'  
 1993   16th Edition Electrical regulations upgrade depleated our 'Emergency Fund'  
 1994   The Stocking made using the design of our Secretary from 1969 when she was at Primary School  
 1996   Fountain lit by coloured floodlights was put into the harbour  
 1999   Celtic Cross lit on St.Clements Isle by subsea cable (110 volt system). Dates added to Merry Christmas.  
 2001   Road closures were introduced on switch on night. Father Christmas lit by ropelight  
 2002   A commemorative ‘set piece’ for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee put up in the summer  
 2007   Snowman converted to Low voltage lighting  
 2009   Celtic Cross on St.Clements Isle converted to LED's and powered by wind generator  
 2010   Pudding and Robin converted to Low voltage lighting  
 2011   Church converted to low voltage lighting. Dolphins added to Whale  
 2012   Merry Christmas/Happy New Year rewired. New Quay trees converted to L.V.. Solar panels on Island. A commemorative ‘set piece’ for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee put up in the summer  
 2013   Fundraising events held throughout the year to put on an extra special display to celebrate our 50th year. Big lottery Fund grant of £9000 awarded to help us upgrade and replace older displays with new low voltage and energy saving lamps.  
 2014   Celtic Cross on Island lost during storms in February. Cross rebuilt and solar PV cells replaced. New controller made for Snowflakes. Bottle and glass replaced by Low voltage lighting. New Nativity Scene at St.Clement's Church  
 2015   Santa, sleigh & reindeers replaced with LED lamps on alloy structures. RNLI sign rebuilt. Gator 4x4 vehicle purchased with Lottery assistance. "Merry Christmas" seriously damaged in high winds.  
 2016   Island solar panels lost in winter storms - replaced with crystalline panel on new structure and new high capacity cells installed. Merry Christmas lettering extensively rebuilt. Snowman and Parcel replaced with LED lamps on alloy structures. Stocking and Cat both re-lamped with ELV LEDs. Revamped New store and workshop opened by C'llor Harding. Stars on Starey Gazey pie replaced. Cliff Road string extended to 320m and with Commercial Rd string, replaced with LEDs.  
 2017   Father Christmas blown over a week before switch on and damaged. Stocking, Starey Gazey Pie converted to L.V..  
 2018   New controller built for the Whale. various smaller items converted to Low voltage LEDs  
 2019   Mine Engine house built from LEDs, Whale and Church converted to LED. New lantern, baubles and growing Christmas tree made all from LEDs.  

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