Carbon Footprint

We are never going to be the most energy efficient that we would like to be, due to financial constraints, but we do try our best to protect the environment. We recycle whatever materials we can, we try to use energy tariffs that comprise of a 'Green energy' element and we use materials such as wood from sustainable forests or metal from recycle suppliers.

Our policy is to use as little as possible of whatever we can and try to make it go as far as possible!

Whilst the lights are on, we recommend that our visitors travel to Mousehole via public transport to minimise the carbon footprint generated by transport. Our own transport we use for erecting the lights is a low speed electric trolley and we also use a 'Handcart' which is older than the lights themselves!

We have reduced the length of time the lights are on and try to switch them on for testing as little as possible.

Where possible we try to use low energy lamps and where that is not possible, we use the lowest wattage lamps we can or try to convert to low voltage as this uses considerably less energy. Our Celtic Cross on the Island is powered by batteries charged by solar photovoltaic cells. We also have plans for a water wheel for the future!

2013 saw the conversion of the cracker to a new Low Voltage LED lighting system. The prime power consumption has dropped from nearly 2KW to less than 100W a saving of greater then 95%. We would like to continue to upgrade our set pieces, but the cost of doing so is enormous, each LED costs nearly £5 each and takes hours of work to complete an upgrade.
Any energy saving tips - then send them on!


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