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Posted by Andrew Ingham on 20/12/2018

Last year we were with you in Mousehole till the New Year. We can't be with you this year but our thoughts will be today remembering 1981. We shall dim our lights tonight along with you.From all at Honley & Brockholes RNLI.

Posted by KEV M on 10/12/2018

gutted,cant get down for the switch on this year,im a st austell lad now living up country in derbyshire,i know what it means to the residents of mousehole and all the hard work they put in to make things happen,i will be thinking of you all on the 19th,friends,family and will be raising a glass to you all,merry xmas,all the best for 2019..KEV M

Posted by John and Diane Diskin on 30/12/2016

Just had to share our thoughts on our recent visit. Been wanting to do the trip to Mousehole official Xmas lights switch on for the last seven years and finally made it in 2016.We were not disapointed by the whole fantastic experience.When the countdown finished and the lights were revealed we both were in awe and felt the hairs on the back of our necks stand up.It was a very special moment for us and so nice to see all the families,locals,volunteers,musicians etc.We couldn't stop taking photos and re visiting over our four day stay....the harbour just lends itself to the event and we can honestly say we,ve never experienced such a show.We shall be back sometime in the future,hats off to all the hard work by all the volunteers.We are sure the event will continue to give much pleasure to many people for years to come. We came away from Mousehole very happy,it was worth all the travelling from our Saddleworth home .

Posted by Donna Hall on 21/12/2016

We will be travelling down to Mousehole on New Years Day to see the wonderful light display. I can't wait it looks absolutely fantastic.

Posted by Mrs Godfrey on 10/02/2015

This was our first ever visit to Mousehole! We couldn't have chosen a better evening to spend New Years Eve 2014. Brilliant atmosphere, superb lights, what a beauty of a place, thank you very much, we'll be back next year!

Posted by Ian Dresser on 15/12/2014

We had a wonderful trip to Mousehole but missed the lights by a few days. They looked fantastic in setup. A great well done to all the volunteers who put it together. We look forward to looking at the 2014 pictures. Ian Michelle and Charlotte Dresser (Australia)

Posted by Charles on 13/12/2014

Nice work! Good luck tonight! Greetings from the Netherlands.

Posted by Sue Boardman on 01/12/2014

I have longed to see the Mousehole lights so we are travelling from Lancashire to Cornwall in December!! Are we mad...yes! will it be worth bet, I'm so excited... and I'm 65!

Posted by Joy & Kelly Henocq on 01/12/2014

From all at Dolphin Rise, Love Lane, we thank all who help make this a very special time for Mousehole. We have enjoyed the last three years of celebrations and are already planning for 2015.

Posted by Lucy on 30/11/2014

So excited about seeing the lights for the very first time with my one year old little boy and partner!

Posted by Holly Manning on 26/02/2014

I went to see the lights when I was about 3 or 4 so over 15 years ago now. I live in NZ but still remember visiting and hope to again in the future. I love the lights and...sigh...I just love the lights. They're perfection. Thank you to the hard work of everyone involved for all these years!

Posted by Graham on 06/01/2014

Went to see lights with father-in-law. He was born there, with his father and at least two prior generations being Mousehole fishermen (and also lifeboat crew). We all loved the evening, made even interesting as he pointed out things out like where the communal cooking area was, back in the 1930s! Brilliant.

Posted by Jane Williams on 22/12/2013

Many congratulations to all who work so hard to provide this wonderful show. I'll look forward to seeing the lights myself this year. Best wishes.

Posted by ilona wilcox on 19/12/2013

My daughter studies at Devonport High School for Girls and was due to visit Mousehole last night with her Maritime Commenious Group. Sadly due to the storm they had to turn around at Indian Queens. They are absolutely gutted as they know from people that have visited before your lights are so worth a visit.

Posted by Barbara Smith on 18/12/2013

Visited the lights last night absolutely beautiful so well worth the visit...well done

Posted by Matt on 15/12/2013

The lights look amazing this year, I love the snowflakes in the hills and the 50 year sign looks great. Keep up the good work.

Posted by Kevin Robinson on 20/11/2013

My Partner and I missed your magical lights by a day :-( however plans are already taking place for this years visit. We can,t wait :-)

Posted by Cliff House B&B Portreath on 06/11/2013

We bring visitors every year to see the best lights in Cornwall, long may it last

Posted by Sara Harris on 20/10/2013

My husband and I came to Mousehole to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. We both instantly fell in love with your beautiful idyllic village. We will definitely be coming back and we couldn't help but notice the pride that goes into looking after Mousehole a very special place thank you.

Posted by Elaine Pomeransky on 16/10/2013

Congratulations Mousehole on your spectacular lights, which I managed to see several times some years ago

Posted by beth on 04/02/2013

Hello, even though it was horizontal rain and out of season, Mousehole was still magical :) x

Posted by Barry Stone on 10/01/2013

This (2012) was our 6th year visiting Mousehole and every year we still never cease to be amazed at the sheer amount of effort that goes in to producing such a wonderful redisplay done to all concerned

Posted by Simon p on 06/01/2013

As ever the mousehole lights were fantastic. Back in London and can't wait to see the lights again this Christmas, have a great year.

Posted by Hilary Waitt on 06/01/2013

Thankyou again for lovely lights and making our Christmas in Mousehole so very special. I should imagine there was not much collected this year as the weather was so poor. I do hope cost were covered.. We look forward to the 50th ..

Posted by Rose and Peter on 31/12/2012

We've been down and seen the lights. Best display ever! can't wait until the 50th year display next year! Well done all those involved. The hard work has paid off!

Posted by Mrs Mak on 28/12/2012

Gosh we saw the Mousehole lights yesterday 1st time we have been for a couple of years. They were absolutely delightful especially the reference to the jubilee. Well done once more long may you shine

Posted by Paul Mahoney on 22/12/2012

Just Love Mousehole and the lights at xmas - loved painting this view of the harbour

Posted by kevin on 20/12/2012

once again fantastic display,lived in st austall for many years,allways came down and supported the switch on,live up country now in buxton,derbyshire,fond memories and happy days

Posted by Cath C, on 15/12/2012

Greetings from Sunny Southport by the Sea!! So wish we could be in Mousehole tonight and so wish you had a webcam!! Maybe next year?? Cath + Neil

Posted by Tracey & Simon on 18/11/2012

We are hoping 2012 will be our first visit to see the lights of Mousehole after being told so much about them by family that live in Newlyn - we are very excited!

Posted by Albert & Lorna on 29/10/2012

only missed a couple of years in the last twenty,cant come this year (my wife is ill)best wishes MOWZEL not forgetting SOLOMAN BROWNE,and B.legion staff.

Posted by Andre on 22/08/2012

I had intended coming to see the lights for many years and chose this year to co-incide with the 30th anniversary of the loss of the Solomon Browne. The switch on was a beautiful affair, somehow managing to retain a local community feel even though thousands of visitors were there. Glad I cycled over from Penzance! The dimming of the lights on the 19th was a poignant moment. Words fail me to honour the bravery of the lifeboat crew. I was at sea from Newlyn on a day's fishing a couple of months before the loss that year. I can never forget their selflessness.

Posted by Chris on 06/01/2012

Myself my boyfriend, a good friend and his batty mother made our way down 2days ago (last night of the lights). None of us had been down for the best part of 15/20 years, which when you think half of us are 'proper' cornishmen and other half lived most of their lives in the county. Wanted to express our sincere gratitude towards everyone who made it such a lovely night. It bought back so many fond memories driving down to see the lights in the past, and meandering round the little side streets. My friend was intent on finding the plaque dedicated to the last speaking cornish lady (turns out we'd walked past it twice when we were eventually directed in the right direction). All in all we had a lovely trip down memory lane and promise not to let take so long next time in returning back to see the lights.

Posted by Skillywiddon Crafts on 05/01/2012

Best wishes from Ian and Pat at Skillywiddon Crafts

Posted by Simon Prindiville on 04/01/2012

This is the 8th time I have been down to Cornwall at Christmas and the Mousehole lights still remain the highlight of my trip. Can't wait to see them again. Thank you.

Posted by Penny Moore on 30/12/2011

hello, just to say thank you to all those involved in the harbour lights. I have just returned to Warwickshire having spent a wonderful Christmas in Debs Cottage (the pink one next to the harbour masters office and clock)The lights are spectacular, all the people milling around enhoying themselves

Posted by John on 28/12/2011

Mousehole is a fantastic place. I travelled all around Cornwall and consider it the most peaceful and beautiful place on earth. Respects to the families of the lifeboat crew....You are not alone. Peace and Love

Posted by lorraine on 22/12/2011

went this evening to see the lights for the first time were lovely.Thankyou to all who make them possible.

Posted by karen siddall on 20/12/2011

The lights are beautiful. We have only visited Mousehole in the summer but hope one day to join your xmas festivities/

Posted by Glynn Steeples on 20/12/2011

We visit the lights every year. As fas as my wife is concerned it is not Christmas until she has seen the lights!

Posted by Ash Tyrrell on 19/12/2011

Former Senior Helm and Nav on Skegness Lifeboat. Thinking of you all tonight @8:12. RIP. x

Posted by Dave Rocke on 19/12/2011

Tonight the lights may be dimmed for an hour but the memories of the men of the Solomon Browne and their selfless sacrifice will shine forever. There is more than one type of tear, and whenever bitter tears of sadness are shed for them you should also taste the oh so sweet tears of pride. Best wishes, Mousehole, from South Wales.

Posted by Michael Lavery on 19/12/2011

As a Falmouth expat living too far from the briney in Germany, I must say that the Mousehole Lights are one of the most Cornish of Cornish gestures I know and love. Being there to soak up the atmoshphere is wonderful but viewing them on this site from afar is a great pleasure. My regards to the good people of Mousehole and my old shipmate Geoffrey Pappin with whom I sailed on the good ship P & O s.s. Himalaya in the 1960s. One and All!

Posted by piper family on 18/12/2011

Literally just driving into mousehole,can't wait to see the display,our first year,have wanted to do this for a long time! X

Posted by Sandie Edney on 16/12/2011

Hi, we came last year and thought the whole display was fantastic, coming back this year with a friend from abroad who has read the book with great interest and can't wait to see the lights. Thanks to all who work so hard to provide the display.

Posted by Tedster on 13/12/2011

Cant wait till switch on night.. Would it be possible to record some interviews for the Source 96.1 FM to be broadcast over the christms period. Great lights and a lovely cornish village

Posted by John Hicks on 23/11/2011

Excellent website, congratulations. Sorry we will miss the lights this year, hope all goes well. Look forward to returning to Mousehole for a visit in the too distant future.

Posted by sandie martin on 23/11/2011

We holiday in Mousehole every year and have made some great friends. We are keen male voice choir groupies and watch them practice and perform as often as possible. Hoping to be able to make it there for a few days to see the lights switch on. Hello to Arthur and Stephen and all in the choir. XX

Posted by Karen Dowsey on 21/11/2011

have been to see these beautiful lights twice now, 2009 & 2010. Sadly will not be able to be there this year. Can't wait to return one day, Karen, Mum, Will & Tom, & in loving memory of Bryan x

Posted by mousehole RBL on 11/07/2011

Congratulations on setting up your own web site.Hope all projects proceed safely.Best wishes for a successful 2011

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