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       Our first fundraising BBQ (29th May 1982)                        Too many cooks! (29th May 1982)


              Some of the stalls (29th May 1982)                          Auction on the Quay (29th May 1982)

        Auction by Andrew Perry (29th May 1982)                  Auction by Andrew Perry (29th May 1982)

            Auction of Promises (8th June 2013)                           Auction of Promises (8th June 2013)

            Penlee Lifeboat on Funday (03/08/13)                     Lots of support from the public (03/08/13)
      The MHL 'Human one arm bandit' (03/08/13)               Payout! (03/08/13)
   BBC radio Cornwall James Churchfield helps out
      'Revolver' playing on the stage (03/08/13)

       'Revolver' playing on the stage (03/08/13)                 'Revolver' playing on the stage (03/08/13)

                       BBQ in the late 1980's                                           The Bar Late 1980's

                 BBQ in the late 1980's                                                 BBQ in the late 1980's

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